I am

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." 
~ Vivian Greene
Hello Lovely Being! I am Julie Lockhart Thompson & I welcome you to my journey!
This is where I introduce you to the joys that make up me. My story & how I came about on this holistic journey I call life. Let me start off by saying it wasn't always easy & it came about as a big surprise to me (as Holistic lifestyles tend to with many people.) 
As a little girl, I spent days playing with my toys, barbies & with my friends, imaging I was some powerful, magical-force that was capable of healing, of controlling the weather & of making miracles happen; & boy, was I right! Every one of us is a magical being - capable of healing, of learning, of wielding our energetic force in this world. Of changing the world around us to be a better, more loving & healthy place to live.  

As I grew, so did my passion for learning & exploring the world of spirit & energy. I read books, browsed the internet & took workshops & classes on how to connect with this mystical force that surrounds us. When my pets became ill & unhealthy I turned to chiropractic, acupuncture, raw diet feeding & natural solutions. However, the concept of inviting this into my own life was still of a mystery to me (strange as that sounds!)

All of this changed one day when I was gifted a workshop to the 'Introduction to Reiki.' I went into this workshop with what I thought was an open mind & came out a complete dis-believer. My analytic mind could not wrap itself around the concept of energy hovering all around us that we could use to heal & grow. That I had the power to not only sense it, but to use it. What bull-poopie! I did, though, feel drawn to sign up for her newsletter & began to see all these offerings for trainings & further explorations in this world I loved so much as a child in my inbox. I was hooked!

In a few months time I registered for the Usui Reiki Level 1 certification with Susan Rouse of Cedar Cove Wellness. When I went home that night after the workshop, I registered for the Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma course at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto. Soon I followed it with Reiki Level 2 & 3/Master, Kundalini Reiki Master & Axiatonal Alignment Practitioner/Teacher, Hatha Yoga Teacher training & Pilates training with Ruth Dargan at Synergy Movement in Oshawa, became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) at Life Enhancement Essentials, a Dance Our Way Home facilitator (DOWH) with Erica Ross & a Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 practitioner at Still Light Centre in Toronto.  I just couldn't stop myself! I was completely in love!

My practices include: Life Coach, DOWH facilitator, Axiatonal Alignment, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Usui, Karuna, Kundalini & Celtic Reiki, Aromatherapy Massage, Chakra Balancing, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Laughter Yoga, Hatha Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage. I offer services both in person & distantly for people & their pets.

I offer workshops, classes & services in my home & various studios throughout the Durham Region, as well as, holistic retreats within Ontario. I also am an artist who creates handmade Malas, Finger Labyrinths, Intuitive Paintings & various creations. Visit my Etsy page for my recent offerings.

I invite you to embark on your personal journey & Embrace your Inner Jewelz! Join me today!