Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Gratitudes

What is it about a blanket of frosty snow that causes me to hibernate? To turn inward. Reflect. Delve deep. Explore the recesses of my dusty mind. & cut myself off from the general population as a whole. 

Most days, I don't bother to get dressed. Or brush my hair. Or some days even shower. I deck myself out in my cutest raccoon, bunny or beaver onesie (which I prefer to refer to as my "snuggy.") I sit with my journal in solitude & reflection. I read books, eat pots of soup & gaze with gratitude at the winter birds dining in the snowy feeders. The world blanketed in the softest of blankets as I too blanket myself with layers of softness. 

December was a month of breaking open. Of stopping in my tracks & halting in my progress forward. In fact: it was a time to take two steps back. (& do a little jig!) A sinus cold that wove its sickly fingers deep into my lungs was a stark reminder to be mindful of my needs & to listen to my body. It stopped me from the busy-ness of being busy. & reminded me of the pleasures of a simpler day. I took stock of what was truly important & what was best to set aside or release. 

I healed. I came home to myself.

January brought with it the excitement of a new year full of new possibilities! 365 shiny brand new days to explore, create, grow, heal, play & love. I awoke fresh from my sleep with the excitement of a 5 year old on Christmas morning. My pen poised over the page with the words spilling out my deepest desires, dreams, wishes & fancies. My blood boiled & my passions sang. Excitement steamed out of me (very similar to a boiled kettle I would like to imagine.)

I vibrated with excitement. With possibility. I broke open.

These months of inner reflection & of quiet days remind me of the greatest blessings I have in my life. The blessing of myself. Of health. Of choice. Of options.

I give gratitude to the solitude, the quiet, the internal reflections. I give gratitude to the excitement, the possibilities, the wishes & dreams. I give gratitude to the choices I make in my every day. I give gratitude for the people & the opportunities to shift ever higher & learn even more. 

Every day I wake, I wake with gratitude.