Monday, May 16, 2016

We all need a little break sometimes.....

It has come to my attention that I was beginning to feel over-run, over-worked & over-tired (Yes, even if you absolutely LOVE what you do - this still can occur if you don't be mindful & practice self-care.)

Like the old adage of not buying a car from a mechanic - this self care guru overworked her mojo & needs to recharge! <3

So - into full recovery I go with lots of rest, lots of walking & lots of soothing whatever-the-heck-I-need-in-the-moment things (Can anyone say hot epsom salt baths & a good book? A cup of green tea & naps in the sunshine are also a huge possibility!)

I will be non-communicado & self-care sabbaticalling (new words being developed right here just for you!) for the entire months of May & June.

If it is of absolute necessity & emergency to contact me - you MAY reach me via email in May only. If it is during June - so sorry, but no such luck.

Regardless, I love you all & take care of you! <3 See you in July! <3

(Photo credits go to Louise Hay)