Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Truth of the Matter

Let's begin today with an absolute truth: 

I thought I could handle it all. I thought I had all the tools I needed. I thought no one could help me. Or would ever care to if I dared to ask. I thought asking would make me look weak. Admitting I needed help would make me look weak. Admitting defeat would make me look weak. I was weak for needing help. No one cared whether I needed help. I was alone.

With all of this swirling around in my head I did the only thing I could think of to do: I asked for help.

Instead of everything I thought, I now look: Stronger. Braver. Determined to heal. Willing to change. Like I matter & I know I matter in the world. Willing to learn new things. Part of a community of people who care.

That is what asking for help gets you: Help. 

When you put a call out into the world that you need help, people will step forward & help. Humans are an innately tribal-based species. We need each other to survive & thrive. When you ask for help, a tribe of people will surround you to aid you. & rather than make you look small, helpless or a failure - it makes you look like you desire change & are looking to heal. You are bravely stepping forward with your life towards improvement. You admitted whatever you were previously doing is no longer effective for you (if it ever was.) 

You said to the world, "I need to change!" & the world listened. The Universe heeded your call. 

I told the world my health was faltering & a tribe of people stepped up to offer advice, services, support & care. I feel loved, embraced, cared for & supported. They are cheering me on! There was no shame. No blame. No finger pointing or weakness involved. Only cheering, clapping, calls of, "You can do it!" & confetti thrown into the air for good measure. 

I know I am on my journey toward better health & improving day-by-day.  It all began because I asked for help. I admitted my truth. I showed my vulnerability & my tribe answered. 

When you show your truth, you invite others to show you theirs. When you share your journey, you invite others to say, "Hey! I feel that way too!" or "Man, I have been there. Here's what I did." 

Step forward with bravery. Ask yourself: Where do you need help? Where do you need to speak up for yourself? What do you need to be supported in? We are all here to listen & guide you. <3