Friday, March 18, 2016

Mala Manifestation

I am a Mala Making Mad-Woman! 

Honest, I love them. They bring me peace. Inspire the creative force within me. & completely light me up on all levels. 

I discovered my love for Malas early 2015 - I had a pull to find one that really spoke to me but was having difficulties finding that 'perfect one' for me. So I did what any sane, normal person would do: I taught myself how to make them, bought hundreds of dollars worth of supplies & made myself one. Then (because why stop there!), I began teaching others how to make them, too!

Fast forward one year, multiple workshops & almost 100 Malas later & I have what can be called an addiction. Yep, I admit it - I'm addicted to Malas. It goes something like this:

- Hello, my name is Julie 
- *Hello, Julie!* 
- I have an addiction to... Mala making. (As I hang my head in shame & levitate off the podium.)
- *The crowd gasps in the tranquility & peace of it all with loving sighs mixed in for good measure.*

I know I am making a joke of it all - because I do that kind of thing - but for those of you who see my FB page, you'll know intimately the love I have for all things Mala & you'll also know I have a goal to have 100 Malas made by the Toronto Yoga Conference March 31-April 3. 

Why, you ask? Good question! 
I am very fortunate to be the Mala instructor for the weekend & I will be leading almost 10 classes over the course of the weekend. Here is an example of the Mala I will be teaching you: 

You will get the option to choose the colour of your tassel (shown in yellow) & the colour of the count beads (also yellow) if you choose to include them. Lastly, I will have mahogany coloured beads (shown) or natural 'colour' beads available to choose from. 

Sound like fun? Why don't you join me? 

Or if you prefer, I still teach how to make gemstone Malas either in a group setting (next workshops are Sun, Apr 10 in Oshawa or Thurs, Apr 21 in Newmarket) or privately in my Oshawa home. I also offer custom made Malas in any style you prefer. Email me for more info.

You can also check out my Mala photo album & see what I have available here.

Join me in becoming addicted!!!