Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A little subconscious fun!

I love taking tests, answering questions & pop quizzes that don't require a grade or a pass/fail system. Especially when they are 'just-for-fun' silly quizzes to determine your 'perfect vacation spot', 'perfect job' or spirit animal. They are light-hearted & bring out my inner child.

My husband.... not so much. He'd prefer I didn't keep saying, "Honey, look! 36 questions to really get intimate with each other!" (After 5 he began saying how long is this going to take? There are 36 of these things? Etc... Etc...)

Well, today I shared a new type of quiz with him (which I had already taken earlier in the day & found incredibly interesting!)

The 5 Minute Test (found HERE) aids in showing you your inner most subconscious thoughts in regards to how you perceive 5 elements in your life. (I don't want to tell you much more about it without giving the whole test away.)

My suggestion to you is to take the small amount of time. Take the test. Write your answers down & don't jump ahead to the end (the journey is the best part!) See how you compare to people in your life.

My little fun for the day & hopefully yours too!
J <3