Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Call to All!

For years you may have been told by family, friends, peers and society at large to play it small, to not make waves, to be good-kind-generous-agreeable, to keep your authentic self hidden and not stir the shit pot. 

Well, I say - Fuck That!

You were born to stand out, stand tall, stand strong! You were born to be yourself in all of your authentic glory! Be brave! Be unique! Be you in all of your perfectly beautifully imperfection! 

You were not born to put others needs before your own. You were not born to be meek, shy, quiet and afraid to try new things. Go forward and live your own life. Step bravely toward your dreams. Have the strength to say no to what doesn't serve you and set healthy boundaries around what is and is not ok for you. 

This is your moment to shine your glorious light into the world! Because when you shine, you invite others to shine with you. 

Be bright! Be brave! Be bold!

Because you are fucking worth every second of it!