Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Journey Home

I am taking a brief break to explore myself on the Camino de Sanitago. I will return in due time. Thank you for your patience! Namaste, <3

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Gratitudes

What is it about a blanket of frosty snow that causes me to hibernate? To turn inward. Reflect. Delve deep. Explore the recesses of my dusty mind. & cut myself off from the general population as a whole. 

Most days, I don't bother to get dressed. Or brush my hair. Or some days even shower. I deck myself out in my cutest raccoon, bunny or beaver onesie (which I prefer to refer to as my "snuggy.") I sit with my journal in solitude & reflection. I read books, eat pots of soup & gaze with gratitude at the winter birds dining in the snowy feeders. The world blanketed in the softest of blankets as I too blanket myself with layers of softness. 

December was a month of breaking open. Of stopping in my tracks & halting in my progress forward. In fact: it was a time to take two steps back. (& do a little jig!) A sinus cold that wove its sickly fingers deep into my lungs was a stark reminder to be mindful of my needs & to listen to my body. It stopped me from the busy-ness of being busy. & reminded me of the pleasures of a simpler day. I took stock of what was truly important & what was best to set aside or release. 

I healed. I came home to myself.

January brought with it the excitement of a new year full of new possibilities! 365 shiny brand new days to explore, create, grow, heal, play & love. I awoke fresh from my sleep with the excitement of a 5 year old on Christmas morning. My pen poised over the page with the words spilling out my deepest desires, dreams, wishes & fancies. My blood boiled & my passions sang. Excitement steamed out of me (very similar to a boiled kettle I would like to imagine.)

I vibrated with excitement. With possibility. I broke open.

These months of inner reflection & of quiet days remind me of the greatest blessings I have in my life. The blessing of myself. Of health. Of choice. Of options.

I give gratitude to the solitude, the quiet, the internal reflections. I give gratitude to the excitement, the possibilities, the wishes & dreams. I give gratitude to the choices I make in my every day. I give gratitude for the people & the opportunities to shift ever higher & learn even more. 

Every day I wake, I wake with gratitude. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summertime, Sunshine, Splendidness!

It's been pretty quiet around here. I know, I know. I said I needed a break & I took a bbbbrrrreeeeaaaakkkk!

But, hey! With this GORGEOUS summer weather - can you blame a girl?


I've been exploring this magnificent country of mine & getting my feet deliciously wet.


I have been surrounding myself with magical women & taking in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes - everything life has to offer me.  

With all of this inspiration - things have been germinating, growing, blossoming & sparkling into life. I've gotta tell you: I am so super excited about so many things these days I just have to share them all with you!

Slowly, slowly, I am beginning to add workshops & classes to my schedule - so if you wish to come out & play with me or even just have tea with me - let me know! I'm always up for hanging out! <3

Monday, May 16, 2016

We all need a little break sometimes.....

It has come to my attention that I was beginning to feel over-run, over-worked & over-tired (Yes, even if you absolutely LOVE what you do - this still can occur if you don't be mindful & practice self-care.)

Like the old adage of not buying a car from a mechanic - this self care guru overworked her mojo & needs to recharge! <3

So - into full recovery I go with lots of rest, lots of walking & lots of soothing whatever-the-heck-I-need-in-the-moment things (Can anyone say hot epsom salt baths & a good book? A cup of green tea & naps in the sunshine are also a huge possibility!)

I will be non-communicado & self-care sabbaticalling (new words being developed right here just for you!) for the entire months of May & June.

If it is of absolute necessity & emergency to contact me - you MAY reach me via email in May only. If it is during June - so sorry, but no such luck.

Regardless, I love you all & take care of you! <3 See you in July! <3

(Photo credits go to Louise Hay)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

& the Winner Is........

The 2016 Toronto Yoga Conference & Show was a weekend of mayhem, magic & MARVELOUS PEOPLE! (You!) It was so absolutely incredible to get to connect with all of you & share our love for Yoga, Meditation & Wellness. The energy at the Show was palpable. Did you feel it?

I want to also extend a BIG THANK YOU! To all of you who entered my free Mala raffle & the interest you showed in my hearts creations. Thank you! Thank you! A little piece of me goes into each of the Malas I create. I am so passionate about them! So, thank you!

Now, the moment you are all here for!
Drum roll, please......
The winner of the FREE Mala handmade by yours truly is....


 Congratulations!!! I will be contacting you to aid you in selecting your beautiful Mala of choice. Yay!

For those who did not win, I still love you <3 & wish to offer you all the opportunity to create a Mala of your very own!

I offer one-to-one (in my Oshawa home) or group workshops (get 5 people & I'll travel to you!) featuring what a Mala is, how to use one & step-by-step instructions to create your very own hand-knotted 108 +1 gemstone Mala.


Perfect idea for gathering, get-togethers, celebrations, parties & showers! Make beautiful memories!
Sound fun? Email me for info. 

Monday, March 21, 2016


This concept has been brought to my attention over & over & over again in recent months. So much so that it has inspired my next blog post discussion in a different direction than I had previously been heading:

The concept of Enough.

Media, the news, celebrity endorsements & societal pressures all attempt to push the same message onto us day in & day out: 

Who you are is NOT enough!

You are told you need to invest in better clothes, the newest gadget, the next big diet plan, the bigger car that goes faster than any other & a bigger house to hold all of the stuff you NEED to buy to feel better about yourself. You need more training, more makeup, more television, more movies, more celebrity idolization & books that tell you you need to improve who you are. Always on the constant search to fill a void that will not fill within yourself.

We are in a state of feeling like who we are is never good enough. That someone else always has it better than us. That in order for us to feel good about ourselves, we must make changes to how we look or what we wear or how we share ourselves with the world. (Wait... I said I was shifting gears away from the concept of truth, right?) 

I am here to share with you, THEY ARE ALL WRONG!!! Lies. All of it.

You are enough. You have enough. You do enough. You are smart enough, beautiful enough, successful enough, rich enough, know enough. Who you are in this exact moment in time is PERFECTLY ENOUGH!

You are beautiful. You are smart. You are talented. You know everything you need to know. You have everything you will ever need. You can succeed at anything you put your mind to. You are loved, cherished & adored. 
You matter in this world. 

Let me repeat that last one: YOU. MATTER. IN. THIS. WORLD. 

You. As you are. Right now. Are a change maker. A move shaker. You don't need to change a single hair on your magnificent head. You are a power never seen before in this world & the world needs to see you shine. So shine your light as brightly as possible! You are a radiant sun burst & a candle lighting the way for others.

Today I invite you to shut off your tv, log off your computer, put your phone on silent, close your newspapers & books & step out of the shopping centres. 

Spend time gazing at yourself in the mirror. Look yourself directly in the eye & declare how wonderful you are. Tell yourself you love yourself completely. Forgive yourself for forgetting. Give yourself a big hug & spend time just sitting with yourself. Do whatever you need to feel like you matter today. Take yourself on a romantic date & treat yourself to some loving. You are worth it! <3

Friday, March 18, 2016

Mala Manifestation

I am a Mala Making Mad-Woman! 

Honest, I love them. They bring me peace. Inspire the creative force within me. & completely light me up on all levels. 

I discovered my love for Malas early 2015 - I had a pull to find one that really spoke to me but was having difficulties finding that 'perfect one' for me. So I did what any sane, normal person would do: I taught myself how to make them, bought hundreds of dollars worth of supplies & made myself one. Then (because why stop there!), I began teaching others how to make them, too!

Fast forward one year, multiple workshops & almost 100 Malas later & I have what can be called an addiction. Yep, I admit it - I'm addicted to Malas. It goes something like this:

- Hello, my name is Julie 
- *Hello, Julie!* 
- I have an addiction to... Mala making. (As I hang my head in shame & levitate off the podium.)
- *The crowd gasps in the tranquility & peace of it all with loving sighs mixed in for good measure.*

I know I am making a joke of it all - because I do that kind of thing - but for those of you who see my FB page, you'll know intimately the love I have for all things Mala & you'll also know I have a goal to have 100 Malas made by the Toronto Yoga Conference March 31-April 3. 

Why, you ask? Good question! 
I am very fortunate to be the Mala instructor for the weekend & I will be leading almost 10 classes over the course of the weekend. Here is an example of the Mala I will be teaching you: 

You will get the option to choose the colour of your tassel (shown in yellow) & the colour of the count beads (also yellow) if you choose to include them. Lastly, I will have mahogany coloured beads (shown) or natural 'colour' beads available to choose from. 

Sound like fun? Why don't you join me? 

Or if you prefer, I still teach how to make gemstone Malas either in a group setting (next workshops are Sun, Apr 10 in Oshawa or Thurs, Apr 21 in Newmarket) or privately in my Oshawa home. I also offer custom made Malas in any style you prefer. Email me for more info.

You can also check out my Mala photo album & see what I have available here.

Join me in becoming addicted!!!